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Dan Kennedy + Russell Brunson = …..


...did you get yours yet?

So… the 1,000 packages we put together for the first “MIFGE” offer are almost gone…

This’ll be the last email you hear me talk about it for awhile… (until we get the next batch of 1,000 books in… crossing my fingers that happens soon)

We do have some left, (not many) - so if you want to lock in your spot to make sure you get the January newsletters, then NOW is the time…

Also (as I’m sure you saw on the sign up page)...

When you get started today, you’re not only going to get Dan’s “NOBS Newsletter” in the mail each month…

But you’re ALSO going to be getting my “Behind The Scenes” newsletter each month as well!

Yes, that means EVERY TWO WEEKS you will be getting a new gift in the mail from either Dan, or me!

Yes, this “MIFGE” offer is literally like the gift that keeps on giving!

Dan Kennedy will give you the BEST of direct response marketing…


Russell Brunson (that’s me) will give you the BEST of what’s working RIGHT NOW in online marketing!

It’s like a marriage made in heaven… ha ha

BUT… if you’re not on the list ASAP, you’ll likely miss out on the FIRST ISSUES of the new newsletters that will be shipping out January 1st!

So… this may be your last call...

If you haven’t yet… let us know the best shipping address to send your gift here:

Oh, BTW, you know that right now you’re getting Christmas gifts for everyone else in your world… this one is for YOU.

Treat yourself to an offer that is SO IRRESISTIBLE and SO COOL, that when the box shows up at your house, you can quickly wrap it, put it under the tree, with a tag saying “from Russell Brunson and Dan Kennedy)... and wake up Christmas morning feeling the same way you did when you were a kid!

That’s the gift I want to give you… but you’ve gotta go sign up RIGHT NOW >>


Russell "Urgency and Scarcity" Brunson

P.S. - Don't forget, you're just one funnel away...


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